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Food Premise Operators

Food Premises Operators


Ontario law requires that all food premises must operate according to the minimum requirements of the Ontario Food Premises Regulation (O. Reg. 562/90) under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA).  It’s the responsibility of food premises operators to know and comply with the regulation at all times. Public Health Inspectors check food premises to see that you, as the owner or operator of a food premises, are following safe food practices. These practices are described in detail in the Ontario Food Premise Regulation. If you aren’t following some parts of the law, an inspector can order you to:

 Fix the issue right away.
Fix the issue as soon as possible.
Close your premises.

The order an inspector gives depends on how serious the issue is and if it makes the premises unsafe.

Safe Food Counts is a food safety program in Windsor-Essex County that makes the results of an inspection public. It turns the results of your premises inspection into food safety stars. The stars are on a sign that all food premises should put on their front door or window. You may be required to post the sign if your municipality has a by-law in place. If you don’t have a door or window (e.g., food cart) then the sign should be put in a place that the public can easily see. The highest number of stars you can get is five. The number of stars you get tell the public how well you follow the requirements of food premises regulation.

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