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Baby Walkers Banned in Canada

Canada is the first country to ban the sale of baby walkers. On Wednesday April 7, 2004 Health Minister Pierre Pettigrew announced the Government’s immediate ban on baby walkers.

The ban prohibits:

  1. Canadian retailers from selling baby walkers.
  2. Any advertising of baby walkers.
  3. The importing of baby walker from the United States or other countries.
  4. The selling of used baby walkers at flea markets and garage sales.


Why are Baby Walkers Dangerous?

  • Baby walkers allow children more freedom to move, enabling them to reach hazards more quickly than they could on their own. 
  • Eighty-five per cent of walker injuries are a result of a child falling down stairs – the most serious being head injuries.
  • Children also suffer scalds and burns because the walker makes it possible for them to reach hazards in the kitchen.   


A Survey Released by Safe Kids Canada and Johnson & Johnson on June 2, 2003 showed that:

  • Nearly one-third of parents use or have used baby walkers with wheels for their young children.
  • Approximately 1,000 babies are injured every year while using a walker – nearly three walker injuries every day.
  • There are an estimated half a million baby walkers currently in Canadian homes.


For years, injury statistics have shown that young children have been injured while in walkers. In response to the injury rates, Canadian retailers imposed a voluntary ban on the selling of baby walkers in 1989. Since then, baby walkers have being obtained in Canada by:

  • People purchasing them in the United States or other countries and bringing them into Canada.
  • People handing them down in families and between friends.
  • People selling them at garage sales or flea markets.

The Government Imposed the ban to keep our

Young Children

Safe from Preventable Injuries.


What can you do to Keep Kids Safe?

  • If you have a baby walker destroy it.
  • If you know anyone who has a baby walker tell him or her to destroy it.
  • If you see someone selling a baby walker at a garage sale or flea market, inform him or her of the new ban.
  • To help make your home safer, refer to our Home Safety Checklist.
  • You can contact the Safe Kids Canada website for more information on child safety. (Can be found in reliable links below)


For More information contact the Intake Nurse:

      • Windsor-Essex County local calls: 519-258-2146 ext. 1350
      • Long distance calls: 1-800-265-5822 ext. 1350


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